Social Media Marketing


Service Detail

Strategic planning in details. From logo creation to poster design and creative copywriting, BizKhmer Media effectively communicates what the world wants to hear. We exceptionally analyze your competitors to formulate the strategies and techniques that help drive the market penetration to retrieve the ROI you deserve. Our goal is to drive more target customers to your business than any other of your competitors through Facebook/IG/Tiktok/Linkedin sale funnel. In addition to fully managing and optimizing your accounts, we also provide comprehensive Social Media Marketing reporting and regular performance checkups to ensure we’re making the most of your ad spend on Social Media services management.

With our wide range of hand-on experience of Social Media Marketing, we offer a systematized package for these services: 

  1. Analyze your Page(s) & Your Competitors
  2. Full Page Optimization & Setting up
  3. Planning & Strategies
  4. Creative copywriting (content)
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Video (drone, MC, voice-over, slideshow..)
  7. Photography
  8. Media buying 
  9. Return on Marketing Investment Report