About Us

About BizKhmer Media

Established in 2018, we are a specialized digital media agency focusing on creative and digital-driven innovative marketing & branding solutions for large corporates in Cambodia. Video production has been regarding as one of our crucial value creation’s drivers for our key clients within these 5 years. We currently have a special band of creativity with a group of 20 energy-driven talents delivering our services to countless local and a few international firms as well.

When We Started

Established in 2018, we are a specialized digital media & marketing technology (MarTech) solutions provider, focusing on creative and digitally driven marketing & branding solutions for large corporations in Cambodia. Our creative talent consists of 20 full-time staff members who deliver our services to numerous local and international firms.

Our team began with four core members from different areas of expertise. We grew to our current size by recruiting content writers in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, and education.

We saw great growth opportunity in digital marketing when our clients started asking for services beyond the ad banners, we provided on www.bizkhmer.com. We subsequently expanded our offerings to include Facebook marketing. We had a lot more ideas and energy to innovate in this space, so we expanded into new digital marketing services, with an emphasis on video production—one of our main value drivers for our clients.

Early in 2019, we began offering web design & development services to our clients with our new team of elite web and mobile application developers from Cambodia and Japan. We offer mobile app development services to a primarily Japanese clientele, along with SMS & email marketing at reasonable subscription rates. The latter yields extensive, actionable analytics via our SMS and email gateways.

- Eleven years of experience in digital marketing with local and international clients

- Our full set of digital marketing tools (SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM...)

- All types off video production (commercial video, short film, documentary film, promotional video, testimonial video, product review video, slideshow video, real estate tour video, presentation video, etc.)

- Industry-leading expertise (we are always training with state-of-the-art digital advertising tools—even before they become widely available)

- Impeccable professionalism and quality of work

- Impeccable professionalism and quality of work

- Extensive and wide-ranging experience in the digital marketing industry

- 100% transparency with respect to a campaign’s successes and failures

- Accountable working responsibility (we devise and implement strategies to improve your ROI, whether you are brand new or have partnered with us for years)

- Sophisticated ad campaign strategies informed by our years of experience in digital marketing

- Free business consultation with our experts

- Long-term, 24/7 support, even after the end of the contract term

SOPHEARITH YORN – Founder & Managing Director of BizKhmer Digital Media. A marketing specialist and serial entrepreneur, Sophearith created the renowned educational platform BizKhmer in 2015 and a digital media agency BizKhmer Media (formerly known as EliteBiz) in 2018. His core competencies include content strategy development and implementation, as well as integrated marketing communications (IMC). He has led online campaigns for international brands and numerous domestic clients.

Sophearith has worked in branding, communications, consulting, lecturing, media, and training for over10 years. Previously, he served as corporate communications manager at Phnom Penh City Center (PPCC), which is one of the biggest property developers in Cambodia. In that role, he oversaw the promotion of the city’s community programs through the local media. Prior to that, he was in a key position at Sabay, a leading publisher.

Since 2016, he has taught several courses at well-known Cambodian universities, such as CamIU University, the CEO Institute, NIPTIC, and the University of Cambodia.

Sophearith holds two master’s degrees. One is in Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship from Université Lumière Lyon 2, and the other is in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from the University of Lille I. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from the University of Puthisastra (Phnom Penh, Cambodia).

Since the advent of the internet, business has been transforming at an unprecedented rate. More than ever before, firms compete for the global market share. Marketing has not been exempted from these developments. Success no longer depends on just the content of the campaign, but the technology behind it. Today, over 8,000 digital marketing tools (referred to under the umbrella term “MarTech”) have been developed and deployed in markets around the world.

However, in Cambodia, MarTech development is very limited. Seeking to meet this underserved demand, BizKhmer Media has been actively partnering with many local players in MarTech to bring both exclusive tools and non-exclusive tools to our market. We are positioning ourselves to lead the MarTech sector in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

We offer brand exposure tracking tools and strategies for leads and sales conversion. Please contact us to grow your business and to stand out from the local and global competition.